How To Troubleshoot Hosts Files That Can’t Be Saved

Apr 20, 2022 English

If you are unable to save the hosts file on your PC, we hope this guide will help you fix it.


When you try to change the hosts file or the lmhosts path in Windows 7 SP1, you may receive an error message similar to the following.

can t save hosts file

Steps To Fix The Problem With Registering Hosts Files In Windows

If you have repeatedly tried to edit the Hosts registry, you know that it is usually located on the c drive, while the Windows installation disk is located. If you and your family are trying to change the database on the C drive, you definitely need admin rights. In fact, without admin rights, you won’t be able to save changes to some host files. The problem, no doubt, is that Windows is a little stricter about opening hosts files with administrator privileges. You won’t see the “Run as administrator” option after that, probably the “Open as administrator” option when owners right-click on the hosts file. This means it’s easier than you think.

Can’t Organizers Save A File In Windows 10?

Choose the start menu or press a specific Windows key and start by typing Notepad . Right-click Notepad and select “Execute”Add”, basically select “Administrator”. You can now edit and save changes to the main HOSTS file. … You may need to restart your computer for the new HOSTS to be included in the file.

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What If I Can’t Save The HOSTS File?

In many versions of Windows, you are not allowed to save directly to the etc folder if you wish. If so, most people might see an error like this when trying to save this:

can t save hosts file

Why Can’t I Edit The Hosts File?

Contact your administrator for permission.” Mistake. Open the Start menu or press this Windows key and start typing in Notepad. That’s right – click Notepad and select Run to call that administrator. Now you need to edit the HOSTS file and save the changes.

In This Guide:

Editing file houses in Windows 11, 10 or even older versions of the old one, I personally edited and tested from Windows 11 and You 10, I could follow the steps below to change the hosts file in almost the version of the Windows operating system.

Change Information Security Settings These Hosts

Note. If your system has been infected with ransomware or other malware, which type of Hosts file has been modified, there is a good chance your Podium files have been affected as well. Because of this, the operating system can experience slowdowns, errors, or even crashes, which means that many are in a hurry to completely reinstall Windows. To avoid this, we highly recommend using ReimageMac Washing Machine X9 – it can easily fix virus damage and stabilize the method without having to reinstall.

Can’t Open File Hosts On Windows 10?

Except In addition, anyone can run Command Prompt as supervisor and use it to launch Notepad and edit the hosts file. To do this, follow these instructions: Press Windows key + X and select “Command Prompt (Admin)” in the gallery. Notepad will now open every hosts file and you should have permission to make the necessary changes.

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Can’t Windows 10 Refactor The Hosts File?

If not, anyone can try Go as as follows: press the Windows key,and also search for “Notepad”. Once Notepad is available, right-click and select Run as owner. In the editor, click File > Open and locate the following file: c:WindowsSystem32Driversetchosts. As you can see, editing changes as usual.

What Does The Hosts File Do?

When you enter a standard web address to access a website such as Google. Your internet computer doesn’t automatically know how it will connect. The connection requires the correct IP address associated with the web permission.

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