Tips On How To Fix Popup Ads To Disable Chrome

Jul 9, 2022 English

Over the past week, some of our readers have reported that chrome has disabled pop-up ads.

Open the Chrome app and tap the “Kebab Settings” menu in the top best corner.Scroll down to site settings.Click “Pop-ups and redirects” and usually click the toggle to block pop-ups. When off, the new switch should be grey.


If the area is not listed, click Add next to Block. Enter the URL for each website, then click Add. To enable all pop-ups on a specific website, use the same pattern.

Disable A Specific Mozilla Pop-up Blocker In Firefox

In desktop, iPhone, and Firefox versions of Mozilla Firefox iPad. will prompt you to disable your pop-up blocker. The Android version should not have a pop-up blocker, which means you don’t have to do anything to allow these windows.

How To Enable Or Disable The Pop-up Blocker In Chrome For Specific Websites

Now you should know how to disable the pop-up blocker withthe power of Chrome, and how to allow it globally or for specific sites on the web so you can stop intrusive ads.

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Block Ads In Chrome With A Pop-up Blocker

Clario, ad blocker extension is more than just a free and easy way to block ads. With the removal of annoying pop-ups, not to mention ads. Clario protects you from website tracking.

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How To Disable The Pop-up Blocker In Chrome (Android)

Google Chrome’s pop-up blocker does not work Do not turn off all computers. The Google Chrome app for Android also has a pop-up blocker that needs to be removed if you want pop-ups to appear.

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