Troubleshooting And Repairing Parts And Functions Of Computer Motherboards Pdf

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You may have encountered a bug showing the parts and functions of computer motherboards in PDF format. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, and we will now look at them.

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computer motherboard parts and functions pdf

Motherboard Components with Tags – Motherboard and Components Custom Search

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What are
the different motherboard components and their functions?


It’s quite simple, machine and understand the functionality of your motherboard. .. join us in north america as we explain the different motherboard components in pictures At first glance, Can’s motherboard components seem complicated… some are repulsed. How are we supposed to make sense of this painWhat about the mess of connectors, removable ports and heatsink connectors?

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Recommended CPU combinations for motherboard
br> motherboards
The good news is that it’s easy to navigate a large motherboard… All you have to do is be able to identify these different motherboard parts and < br >

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understand their functions . Join us at home as we take you on an epic tour of the various motherboard components (with photos and natural English description):

1st And Ports Rear panel connectors and connectors for connecting each computer to external device ports such as display ports, audio ports, USB ports, Ethernet ports, PS/2 panels, etc. See the image below for a close-up of one of your views. For more information about each connector on the rear panel, click here for our guide to connectors for connecting a computer to a TV.

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Board Components < br>
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2. PCI slots

PCI: A slot for connecting peripheral components for older expansion cards such as network connectors, sound cards, cards. See close-up image below. mostly occupied by PCI Express x1 La slots (see board, Motherboard 3 below).

3. PCI Express x1 slots

Slot for expansion cards, modern, sound cards, network cards cards (Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth), (connection cards USB, FireWire, eSATA) and some inexpensive video cards. See the symbolic image below for a close-up.

4. PCI Express
x16 slot
For discrete graphics cards as well as high-bandwidth devices such as high-speed SSDs. The image below is for close-up .

all 5.
Also known as the Memory Hub Controller (MCH). The chipset forces the processor to communicate with this RAM, as well as with the video card. Starting Intel with Sandy Bridge in 2011, some hardware componentsThe Finnish boards are obsolete because they were the only ones integrated into the processor itself.

6. Socket Insert the processor
here . To learn how to install the processor manual, click here to access our processor installation guide.

7. 12 atx V power connector

Connects to the power cable to the 4 pins of the power supply , powering the processor.

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1/4 > < br Labeled Motherboard Components - Motherboard Components 8. USB 2.0 Ports
Front Panel
Connects to the USB 2.0 ports on the largest computer case itself. See above images for a closer view.

9. Front Panel Connectors

to Connects to the power button, reset device, hard disk drive indicator, drive indicator power connector, and front hard drive audio connectors. drive housing. The image above is significant for a close-up. For more information on each front panel connector, click here to access our download manual on the motherboard.

10. IDE connector

Connects transfer for outdated information to hard drives and optical drives. See image above for a kind close-up. Replaced SATA connectors (see motherboard #13 below).

11. CMOS battery

Power supply, provides power to save settings and bios real-time timer operation. See image above for another close-up. The cmos battery found on most motherboards is a CR2032 lithium plate.

12. Southern bridge ICH). Chipset supporting processor with PCI slots, built-in PCI-Express x 1 slots (expansion cards), ports (SATA hard drives, eye drives), USB ports (USB devices), Ethernet ports built-in, and audio for communication.

15. SATA connectors. See image above to find 3/5

Board 01/04/2018
Labeled components – motherboard components and functions

Close-up . 14. Fan headers

power all CPU heat sink fans and computer fans. See image above, t

15. Slots you insert
RAM here. See RAM for installation instructions. See our RAM assembly guide here.

atx power connector
Used to connect the ATX 24-pin power cable from the power supply used to power the device normally connected to the motherboard.

mSATA connector
Used to connect an mSATA SSD. In most cases, this SSD is used as a cache to speed up hard drives, but it is quite possible to reuse it as a regular hard drive.

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18. USB 3. To front panel DN 0 connector
Connects USB to ports 3.0 on the front top or bezel specific to the computer workstation chassis.

19. Restart Button and Power

Built-in power off button, used to turn down and restart the computer. This motherboard component is still more common on domed boards.

computer motherboard parts and functions pdf

What are the 16 parts of motherboard?

RAM chip and memory slot for RAM.Processor chip and socket.PCI slots.ROM chip.Accelerated graphics port.North bridge.south bridge.CMOS battery.

What are the 10 parts of a computer motherboard?

Keyboard mouse.USB.parallel port.Processor chip.RAM slots.floppy disk controller.IDE controller.PCI slot.

What is motherboard explain any of its 5 parts?

Some parts that are connected to the motherboard: 1) The hard drive is more It is: known as the hard drive. It is the main data medium on which most of the data stored by the computer is permanently stored. 2) FAN: Every computer cooling system is equipped with a fan, which is designed to prevent the computer from overheating.

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