Windows 10 Wallpaper Solutions

Jul 4, 2022 English

In recent days, some readers have informed us that they have stumbled upon a windows 10 desktop wallpaper.

Hidden Wallpapers

Here’s the trick: For the first time in Windows installations, the special wallpaper selection in Settings > Personalization > Backgrounds shows implicit wallpaper files. At this point, you can easily switch between them using the navigation feature.

windows 10 desktop wallpaper

Wallpaper Troubleshooting

You choose an image, slideshow, or even a color for your windows from your desktop credentials in settings. window. Choose Personalization > Background, then drag any part of the background list down and choose the background image you want: Image, Solid Color, or Slideshow. Windows should now display your chosen image, color, or possibly a slideshow.

Change The Settings To Be Able To Restore The Disappeared Desktop Background

Don’t worry if a particular Windows Wallpaper suddenly disappeared or turned black. You can navigate to the exact local drive: C:WindowsWebWallpaper where you saved your desktop image files. Check if there are any more personal files.

Can’t Change Desktop Background In Windows 10

Easiest way since Windows changeChanging your desktop background in Windows 10 is as simple as right-clicking on all the images you want to set as wallpaper and clicking the “Set as Wallpaper” option from the context menu.

Can’t Change Wallpaper In Windows 10

Before you start, try if you also have third-party customization software installed, and if it really prevents you from changing the background plan – computer help. If so, uninstall it and restart your Windows PC. Here are some other things you might need to check:

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