The Best Way To Fix Windows Event Errors 10016

Jul 14, 2022 English

Recently, some of our users reported that a windows Event 10016 error occurred. DistributedCOM error 10016 indicates that your own program is trying to access this DCOM server without having the necessary permissions to do so. This daunting task is very common and trades disappear even after a rise. The problem can be solved by deleting some keys from the PC as shown below.

windows event error 10016

Give The App Causing The Error Our Sufficient Permissions

CLSID and APPID have always been unique to the app, but having both can help identify the app, leading to dilemmas. Even if you know which app is causing problems, all you have to do is give it enough permissions so that the home doesn’t create problems when it needs to. The steps to do this are really very simple.

windows event error 10016

How do I fix event viewer errors?

This article symbolizes the use of the Windows® Event Viewer to identify system failures.

So What Is The DistributedCOM Error 10016 In 10?

Windows DistributedCOM means the Component Object Model that is used in the web and advertising in Windows 10 – Calculator. This is original Microsoft technology that remains dormant and,probably activated when an application on the installed computer connects to the Internet. The difference between a simple COM on this DCOM is that the former will most likely check data on the current device, while the latter may also receive information from remote servers.

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Robust Error Correction Automatically

The team is committed to helping operators find the best solutions to reduce bugs. If you usually have difficulty with manual repair methods, use automatic software. All recommended products have been tested and approved by our experts. The tools you can use to troubleshoot the actual error are listed below:

Error Message

Log Name: SystemSource: Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOMEvent ID: 10016 Task Category: NoneLevel: ClassicUser: errorkeywords : S-1-5-21-2806425669-1845551589-1542785695-10622Computer: EVServerDescription: Application-specific consent settings do not grant smoking domain permission to remotely run COM-Server program with CLSID EB0F5829-7144-4978-9C14 -AEE8EC8E7249 useridi (S-1-5-21-2806425669-1542785695–10622) from location This security permission can be configured using the Component Services administration tool. Press Ctrl + R to launch the console itself. Please use third party software to fix the error in this method. Many Windows 10 crashes are quite hard to spot and Distributedcom error 10016 is definitely one of them. Enable the appropriate permissions.

Event ID 10016

Almost all window types encountered a DistributedCOM event with Windows ID 10016 in Event Viewer. This error won’t crash your system immediately and you won’t die of a blue screen anytime soon. The simple error message is extreme: Application-specific settings permission does not allow local permissions for COM server applications.

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